Ian Weir Research Architect collaborates with a diverse mix individuals and organisations. The key collaborators include:

Kylie Feher Architect
Kylie is the co-designer of the Gaze House, the Nornalup House and the BAL-40 Karri Fire House. She is a registered architect in Western Australia and Queensland.

Nathan McQuoid Landscape Ecologist
Nathan is based at Point Henry Western Australia and conducts landscape assessments and botanical surveys, consulting for landowners, local government and NGO’s. His recent book ‘Lifting the Bonnet on Western Australia’s Ancient Woodlands’ was commissioned by the World Wildlife Fund.

Eldon Bottcher Bushfire Risk Consultant
Eldon is a Level 3 BPAD (Bushfire Planning and Design) consultant. He is the only fully accredited BPAD assessor in Australia who is also a registered architect. 

Klaus Braun Bushfire Risk Consultant
Klaus is director of ICS Group and has many years practical on-the-ground experience in regional fire-fighting organisations and in drafting bushfire planning policy. He conducts bushfire risk assessment and produces risk mitigation plans for private landowners and developers – principally in the Great Southern Region of WA.  

Barbara Miller-Hornsey Amateur Botanist
Barb is a much loved and respected member of the Bremer Bay community and has provided a number of botanical surveys on Ian Weir Research Architect study sites. She has authored and self-published a number of top-selling guide books on the flora of the southern Fitzgerald Bioregion and Bremer Bay. 

Shire of Jerramungup, WA
Ian Weir Research Architect has collaborated with shire administrative staff and councillors over a number of years to develop design solutions for the Bremer Bay town centre and to devise the 2013 QUT landscape architecture project to design a bushfire refuge on one of the region’s popular beaches.